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August 2017


Stockbridge Local has a fabulous 4mm eco mat in the pile of raffle goodies !


Also later in the year 6th November The Humane Society International are having a comedy night raising funds for their vital work towards protecting animal welfare. An ecoYoga mat in their raffle ...



If you would like a 4mm colourfree ecoYoga mat and would like to support a heartfelt cause then please check out the Choose Life Mat Project For mental health and addiction which affect so many peoples lives

choose life mat katherine hamnett




July 2017

Factory Seconds and Sale mats sell uber fast .. .. .. A gorgeous batch of lightweighters came and went before i even got to post here .. .. .. and the last two batches of 4mm were all reserved pre-arrival !

if you are interested in the factory seconds, to be sure of getting one, please reserve/ pre-order via email to seona




in order to bring clarity to browsers, after 14 years (14 years!!!) this same same website

i have decided to refine and create (have bulit) a new, another

much the same but much different !!



A couple of 4mm green mats available to win at the Stockbridge Duck Race(:


ecoYoga have donated some mats to the incredible project DA-A-LUZ holistic midwifery school in the Alpujarras valley. They have a festival outreach program. Check it out !





May 2017


collaborating with Surf Algarve and the eco Tipi Valley team with their new Surf Shanti retreat.


January 2017

a small batch of lighterweight Grey eco mats available on SALE

good for travel or if you like to practice on a firm base

or as a topper for mats provided in class . . . . Sharing is important in this life but yoga mats...hmmm? i feel it good to dedicate one surface for you you and you alone(:



Blessings for 2017

.. .. may you feel beauty in your practice at every moment

lakshmi yantra on silver in light




December 2016

it will be Spring 2017 before any more seconds available


October 2016

!!!!!! Factory Seconds !!!!! they come ... they go very quickly(:

'still a few left: lightweight, extra long and your 4mm regular ones.



June 2016

ecoYoga mats has received Ethical Award from The Ethical Company Organisation


ethical award ecoyoga ethical company logo



FACTORY SECONDS !!!! check out the ecomats page !!!!

plus : ecoYoga Canada now in full bloom after their successful launch at the Toronto Yoga Conference. Failte Canada :)



February 2016

ecoYoga new stockists to come:

Serbia --- Slovenia --- Croatia --- Canada



January 2016 .. .. .. May your year and practice be full of wonder

unfolding with strength & grace




13 years

in a v. brief nutshell


Edinburgh 1997: The Yoga Centre on the Meadows, with it three beautiful studios, was a building that also housed the library for The Centre for Human Ecology (CHE: now in Glasgow). This proximity serendipitously brought together a few like-minded people all practising yoga ... Nick, owner of the centre, Bob, a CHE student and Seona, working painting dancing practicing.
In the yoga studios they witnessed the increasing turnover of students. Whilst wonderful to see so many begin a practice the dark side was impossible to ignore: the pile up of smelly plastic mats year on year destined for landfill !! A plastic yoga mat was (and still is) a paradox. Finding no alternative at that time, NIck & Seona began the research.

ecoYoga was realised out of necessity. . . . If Yoga holds the potential to transform our body-mind landscape, it would be crazy NOT to think of the health of our Earth

2003: After a couple of years of trials, tribulations and travels the ecoYoga Jute mats were introduced with their fantastic grip, beautiful aesthetic and environmentally neutral ingredients.
2005: Nick closed his Edinburgh Yoga Centre in order to evolve into the hydro-powered Ecoyoga Centre in Argyll on the West coast of Scotland. The Centre now offers Yoga classes and workshops, hot-tubs, freshwater plunge tubs, a grass-roofed sauna, wild river hot baths, vistas, accomodation and self-catering retreats. Bob runs the Earth Connections of the Isle of Eigg.
2016: Seona has kept ecoYoga mats going...still Edinburgh based and still persevering. Manufacture is a constant challenge. Seona believes that the ecoYoga jute mats, like any good practice, maintain a subtle and powerful presence. No compromise in integrity the mats are still 100% natural rubber and jute, and still made in the UK (despite the UK being in utter chaos!!)


November 2015

The last batch of ecoYoga factory seconds for 2015

They are a bit quirky, a bit cheaper and very much sought after

Don't miss out (: especially the PHOENIX mats ! wow !



laksmhi yantra on silver in lightlakshmi in red in wall Nepal deepavali blessings*




September 2015

for yogi's in Sweden ... ecoYoga mats available on beautiful website selling beautiful items:

Varför inte idag? (tr. Why Not Today?)



March 2015

New stockist of ecoYoga mats

Failte PREMA VAMA in Zagreb - Croatia


Jan 2015

** Welcoming, with a happy full heart, new ecoYoga mat stockists in ECUADOR and SOUTH KOREA **



July 2014

the latest batch of factory seconds are GREAT: Full of character & beauty


February 2014

ecoYoga natural mineral pigment for the grey mats



November 2013

a lot of people fell in love with the ecoYoga mats over the weekend :)


September 2013

London Yoga Show : a rare opportunity to meet the creators of the ecoYoga mats . . .

For the first time in 10 years ecoYoga has decided to take a stand at the London Yoga Show 2013.

Such events sit on the side of commercialism that ecoYoga is not so comfortable with HOWEVER too too many people are saying they have not even heard of the ecoYoga mats which is frankly just crazy !

So . . . tell your comrades and if you are in London that weekend come and get a feel for the mats and maybe pick up one or two at a discount .. .. ..

Find us on Facebook

July 2013

Research & Development into a durability upgrade to the ecoYoga jute mats is deeply underway.

I hope to bring more news in the next couple of months.

Utilising technology without compromising ones purpose & integrity is a tough path to navigate in business but not impossible if your work is truly defined by purpose & integrity. What a Test !!!

---UPDATE Feb 2014--- Wow...this is slow process. Surprisingly the ecoYoga design baffles every factory !


April 2013

the wind hurls but the sun is out here in Edinburgh !


January/February 2013

BLESSINGS TO ALL .. .. .. may your practice begin & deepen with joy & integrity


This is the time of year we are conscious of (conditioned to) investing in something good, positive, healthy, worthy etc etc. An ecoYoga mat ticks all those "boxes", and more, so now there is no excuse : Invest in one for yourself, a friend, family, a colleague :)


A batch of beautiful seasonal dark Green ecoYoga jute mats available (with a wee discount) direct from ecoYoga HQ - individually or by the box, standard or extra long .. .. .. click on ecomats over there to your right .. .. .. or email for more info.. .. ..

eco mat greenecoyoga box of green mats




November 2012

November batch sold out fast...FACTORY SECONDS more due mid-December

Full of character and half the price. BARGAIN !

In any production I salvage with discretion as much of the material which, in any normal manufacturing scenario, would be wasted. These mats are unique and characterful and merely lack the continuity a lot of people demand.




Aug/September 2011

Colour your August and check out the COLOURFEST .. .. .. Take along your ecoYoga mat and celebrate life through Yoga . Art . Music & Dance

For many the ecoYoga mats have become trusty companions: well used, much loved

As a company we've never been one to shout but we would like to keep spreading the word and maintan a presence in the current market .. .. .. and given the increasing cacophany

ecoYoga needs to sing a little louder

so please lend your voice and "like" the new ecoYoga Facebook page

Find us on Facebook
 There's a FREE MAT to give away every 108th "like"




May 2011

Offering over 15% off normal price on stock held: 3mm colourfree and 2mm XL Grey and Deep Lavender


Rachel Carson Memorial Lecture: Pesticides and pollinators - a future without bees...
1st April 6.30pm
Human Rights Action Centre, London EC2A

{win an ecoYoga mat in their raffle}


Limited supply of 3mm colourfree mats. Click on ecomats to purchase


March 2011

coral ecoYoga matas requested:)


April 2010

Natural Rubber Price Increases


From my research and enquiry the primary reason for the current price increase is due to short supply in the global market.
Basically the demand is greater than supply, which in a commodity market pushes prices up.
Factors causing this seem multiple:
The Transport Sector consumption has increased buying both in natural and synthetic rubber.
China, the world's largest consumer of rubber, increased it's buying dramatically december 2009 through to february 2010. India and Malaysia are also buying more.
Normal trading is based on futures contracts which by their nature (an obligation to buy) keep price risks in check. Such contracts are not being placed as yet which has opened up the market to the speculators whose aim is profit.
Recent bad weather has affected yield in Thailand one of the major producers.
Replanting programmes in all Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia has reduced the current yield.
April-June is seasonally a low yield time.
And the british pound has not been strong in the currency exchange market (our compound is from a british company).

In a commodity market there are many factors at play at all times. It is a complex world of crests and troughs.

Natural Rubber has always been an expensive raw material. Even when we started creating the ecoYoga mat the cost per unit was at least 5 times more costly than plastic mats on the market. In years since prices in the international market have fluctuated with a steady increase. We have tried to absorb as much of this as possible.

So far ecoYoga has been reliant upon the international market for supply. Finance to source out-with has not been available. I do keep my awareness open to alternative sources at all times. Over the years my knowledge has deepened in the manufacturing process: farmers to brokers to factories to consumers; wholesale then retail. The next stage for ecoYoga is to go deeper and integrate this understanding.


thanks for reading



Buying online directly through ecoYoga Ltd

ashen grey eco mat mat close up

Secure online purchase for single 2mm ecoYoga mats is now set up for checkout through Paypal.

You can make a payment through Paypal without having to sign up for an account.



February 2010

dial indicator measuring thickness of ecoyoga material


Thicker, Heavier Mats?

No one has ever complained of their mat being thicker than expectation. There have however been laments over it being thinner.


The thickness of the ecoYoga material has been underestimated during several productions over the past few years. The method of the current factory to ensure good quality material of minimum thickness has resulted in the mats being a very healthy 4mm. This allows for potential discrepancy below our standard 4mm (caused by machinery and our fabulous but temperamental compound).
The general outcome, teamed with the increased density of compound, is that the mats, certainly the latest grey batch, are 5mm in thickness and slightly heavier than norm.


It has been a learning curve dealing with the various production problems. The days of "seconds" and "sub standard"... be it because they were too thin, too much hessian exposed, the wrong hessian used, scorched, cut badly... can never be ruled out but are less and less.

It would have saved time and a lot of stress to have disposed of such material, as is common practice, but where possible it was salvaged.


During my time spent in factories I have been astounded by the waste of materials on the manufacturing level. Flaws, variations, surplus all; there is little room for error. Automated machinery creating identical products will grind to a halt if anything goes awry. ecoYoga mats however are made by a process of mechanisation. So many changeable factors during production requires hands-on power and vigilance. We revell in the variation which has required a reprogramming on behalf of the factories we work with. Bringing aesthetic and a bit of artistic flair to the factory floor can't be a bad thing . . .



January 2010

ash grey eco mat


Ashen Grey mats now in stock


November 2009

lavender eco mat ecoYoga jute


Deep lavender 2mm mats now available.


Please email if interested.


I still travel with my grey/ash 2mm mat from 2005.

It is a true companion!




March 2009

harvested jute bundled for sale to brokerslatex tapping kerala india


A journey to india, birth place of yogic scriptures, to follow up research into materials, methods and potential manufacturing...meeting those involved in growing jute; the brokers and the mills as well as small holding rubber plantation owners, organic ayurvedic farmers and organic cotton manufacturers...people whose lives i consider yogic by their very nature: generous, simple and good humoured.


Yoga, for many of the those i met, is for the sages: the wise wanderers of the earth. It is a responsibility to take this honoured role, this practice, and integrate it into business...



June 2008


Jute fibre…..………………………………...……………………rubber latex


bales of jute fibres post harvest and pre processedcolourfree eco matrubber tapping kerala


This time last year the UK factory that we had built a 4 year working relationship with in realising our ecoYoga mat went into administration without warning. Given our working methods of trust, and at that time no contingency plan, we were suddenly without supply!


In April 2007 the departments we dealt with were sold off in two parts within the UK. After speaking with these two buyers we felt the best way forward was to work with them both. One was to manufacture the material and the other to cut, hold stock and prepare orders for despatch. It seemed straight forward though we knew it would mean higher cost.


Most importantly we believed it would effectively and swiftly start our supply again and production would remain in the UK .

To ensure the continuity of production two utterly crucial yet complex fundamentals of our mat needed understood:

1/ working with the richness, and consequently the temperament, of our natural compound and 2/ understanding and achieving the design/the specifications of the finished mat.


Though we tried, there were no techniques shared between the two factories and so the team had to start from scratch. They were excited but quite baffled by our product. What we ask them to do in order to create the mat is the antithesis of their normal procedure. One needs to be sensitive when asking guys who have been working a certain method for 20 years to now do it the opposite way! That we also wanted to meet everyone and be present for any production was a novelty to them. Explaining the nature of our mat and the kind of company we are had to begin again. We were back at square one.


We knew how difficult, but therefore how special, a product we were asking to be made. Whereas most products made on this type of machinery can run at fairly high speed with little attention, our material runs very slowly and requires constant constant vigilance. In terms of profitability this is not attractive to any factory. The challenge however IS.

Along with our persistent dialogue and support in understanding their difficulties, the transition finally succeeded.

We cannot thank you enough for your patience over this period.


Having established these new working relationships we have unexpectedly been presented with another increase in production costs. Since 2003 we have absorbed as far as possible numerous unanticipated price increases (the biggest in 2005/6 when natural rubber as raw material doubled in cost but also several others as the production factory realised the conditions of manufacture as well as the endless increase in transport costs).


The ecoYoga jute mat was, perhaps still is, the pioneer of a changing yoga mat market. Now that production is stable again we wish to remain an example of a business with integrity and deepening awareness for a consumer society (and stable prices!) as well as continuing our valuable current relationship with you.


Contact for bulk orders or for a scrolling list of international outlets click here



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